Thursday, September 15, 2016

[F4m] Paladin Falls [rape][mind control][fearplay][script-fill][fantasy]

Things would be quite lonely here if it wasn't for the foolhardy.

Mountainous men girded with 'honor' and stinking of hypocrisy and cheap cider, throwing their lives against my walls in a futile attempt to crack it with their very bones... though they only succeed in staining it with their blood.

Of course, blood is power.

No man would ever have been born if not for a woman to fill his veins with blood as he shelters in her womb. We give blood, and we take it away. Use it for other things.

Blood is every woman's lot, her destiny and her inevitability.

This is why only women can wield magic. It is a thing that only women can understand.

The audio in this file has been electronically manipulated to produce spell effects.The background music was altered to extend it to the length of the audio.

Background music is Nunatak by Ars Sonor & B.Lone Engines. Music and license can be found here.

Script is by the lovely and talented /u/submissiveburner and it and the sequels can be found here.

The complete 5-part saga can be heard here.

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