Thursday, September 15, 2016

[F4m] Paladin Falls 2[rape][mind control][fearplay][script-fill][fantasy][torture]

Warning for graphic and sexualized descriptions of torture.

It seems that you're destined to spend your entire life on your knees.

It may as well be in service to me, a very base god who believes in hands-on rewards for your loyalty... and without any men interpreting my words for you.
It's just you. And me.
And I would have your complete attention.
These are your rules...

  • The audio in this file has been electronically manipulated to produce spell effects.
  • The background music was altered for volume and to extend it to the length of the audio.
  • Background music is A Dream for the Darkness by soundZcapa. Music and license can be found here.
  • Script is by the lovely and talented /u/submissiveburner and it and the sequels can be found here.

The complete 5-part saga can be heard here.

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