Thursday, September 15, 2016

[F4m] Paladin Falls 4 & 5 [rape][mind control][jealousy][Punishment][sweet][script-fill][fantasy]

You know perfectly well what you did.

I was very clear on the rules. Have you forgotten so very soon? Your pleas will not sway me from my path. What do you think you would have to say that might do so?

It's not easy to say this, and I'm still finding it difficult to believe...

You know me. How deception doesn't please me. This is the same in myself as it is in others. Because of this, I feel that I must share this with you, my own. Just listen.

  • The audio in this file has been electronically manipulated to produce spell effects.
  • The background music was altered for volume and to match it to the length of the audio.
  • Background music in 4 is The Pandemic Has a Woman’s Face by Quiet Orchestra. Music and license can be foundhere.
  • Background music in 5 is After the Rain comes Rainbow by Ars Sonor. Music and license can be found here.
  • Script is by the lovely and talented /u/submissiveburner and it and the sequels can be found here.
  • Direct download link for part four is here and part five is is here.

Edit: The complete 5-part saga can be heard here.

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