Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Senna's Archive Post Two - Stories - [f] and [ff], [age] [rape] [incest] [mm and mf content] [fdom] [supernatural] [fantasy]

♥ Story and mega-arc megapost. All written by me, one audio guest starring my darling /u/Lio9 ♥

edited to add a few tags I missed, that probably should have been included, on re-listening :)

Demon Queen 1 - Summoned (12:17)

[fdom] [rape] [supernatural]
Perhaps this was not the proper day to perform a summoning. Perhaps you never should have drawn forth your materials on this stormy night.

Demon Queen 2 - No Escape (14:28)

[fdom] [denial] [rape]
Queenie did not like that you didn't summon her as she told you to. She did not like that you thought that you could run, escape.
Did you have second thoughts? It's too late now, pet.

Demon Queen 3 - Training (15:36)

[fdom] [forced bi] [rape]
So, if one wants to be the pet of a demon queen, one must be properly trained.
She wants you to please her brother with your mouth.

Demon Queen 4 - Transgression (16:38)

[ff] [fdom] [forced fem/dressing]
Joined by /u/Lio9 in the Queenie saga. ♥
Only the tiniest bit of forced feminization/crossdressing.
Most of the focus is on General Vonza by pet, the Demon Queen and brother Malik all.

Walker and Hanna (08:22)

[story] [mf content] [fantasy]
A little interlude with everyone's favorite laconic drifter, Walker. He discovers a little bit of gold hidden away in a pub far from the beaten track.

Ev and G 1 (06:54)

[story] [mf content] [age]
I don't usually like teenagers. But... I do love to twist their vulnerable little psyches probably a bit more than I should.

Ev and G - 2 - The Aftermath (06:01)

[story] [age] [uncomfortable sister/brother interactions while aroused]
Evan feels conflicted... he's just had the most mind-blowing experience of his young life...but his girlfriend seems very upset and he doesn't know why. So he goes where he always goes. To his little sister, the fixer.

Ev and G 3 - The Theater (16:35)

[story] [mf content] [incest] [semi-public] [oral]
(This is the raw file. I can't seem to find the edited version that I'd made at the time. So, this is rougher than I usually put out, pauses and phone-chirps and all. Still hot, though.)
Cass has managed to get my brother to bring me and my boyfriend Evan along on a double date.
I'm pretty sure it's just because she feels bad that dad says I can't date one on one until I'm seventeen. In any case,Evan takes the time to ask me about what he and Cass walked in on when they arrived at our house.

Ev and G 4 (Ev and Cass 1) - The Picture (09:18)

[story] [mm and mf content] [incest] [msub] [fdom] [oral] [directed cum eating - his own and others] [feminization]
This is what happens when you leave Cass alone after she's watched an arousing scene and she didn't get to cum. Okay. Not alone.

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