Thursday, February 11, 2016

Senna's Archive Post One: [f] [rape] [age] [incest] [mm content] [ff] [forced ce]

[f4f] [f4tf] [f4sub male with crossdressing] Beg for it 10:37

Okay, so a while ago I got the idea that it might sound neat if I, being a girl, recorded an audio that was meant for a male voice. Today, enter /u/phoenix_phobia with the perfect script - Making the Shy Girlfriend Beg.
So, in this case, I could be a gal with a strap-on, I could be a futa. The world is our oyster and baby, I got the tabasco. Open up. And don't forget to beg.

[f4a] [incest] [spanking] [denial] [age] Senna's Bedtime Stories: Senna is a Bad Girl 21:53

I don't actually have an older brother. But I've wanted one as far back as I can more ways than one.
This is where I recount the absolute oldest fantasy that I have and why I absolutely adore the not-very-often-posted big brother audios.

[FF] On my knees for you 31:19

With Lio9 as a mostly silent partner.
Last night started out with me sucking Lio's cock. She said that if I got it nice and wet, she'd let me ride her - on my knees like she likes.
She likes to watch me shudder above her, and she has easy access to anything she likes.
So, I suck Lio's cock while she occasionally flicks my nipples and grabs my hair. Then, I get on my knees for her, and fuck myself on her big cock while she plays with and slaps my tits.
She then has me suck all my juices from her, and then lay down with my head on her shoulder and finish myself off while cuddling, having me suck her fingers to fill me up.

[f4m] [incest] Motivation 12:21

Look. I think you've sat around feeling sorry for yourself long enough.
Apparently, it's up to me to give you a little bit of motivation. I guess that's what little sisters are for.

[f] voice, [mm] content. [rape] [ce] Senna's Bedtime Stories - Making a Little Cum Slut 14:01

A little fantasy about a poor virgin college boy getting fucked by someone he doesn't even know and turned into a cum eating slut.
Ever wanted to hear how much some girls like the thought of two guys? This is the audio for you.
Forced bi talk and a very, very nice cum for me at the end as I think about boys eating cum and loving it.

[f] The Butt Dial [solo] 04:55

Ugh, too early. Message...on your phone.
Stupid message light. Blinking. That's gonna keep you up.
What...the heck?

[f] Lick my pussy for me baby? 08:18

2016 - Thank your artists, my dears. Some days are gray and gloomy ☁ ☂ ☃ and you might make someone's day.

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